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Security B.V. is now Satelliet-Service-Randstad!


Satelliet-Extra is a company which is specialized in the installation of satellite receiving installations. (DVB-S) with using a coaxial cable or fiber optic for long distances between receiver and the distribution station. Internet connected satellite installations are a part of this (Astra2connect).


Often we install these installations combined with cable television (DVB-C) and digitenne (DVB-T). Also surveillance camera's (CCTV) can be a part of this.

Our target audience is the hotel industry, higher class image and sound stores, electrical stores and entrepreneurs directly which require high demands of the reliability of the installation. One of our most important clients are employees of ESA Estec Noordwijk, The European Patent Group(EPO), embassy employees, members of the royal house, etc. Expatriate, which work here for couple of years or longer and want to watch their own channels also belong to this group. Examples are Russia, Vietnam, Israel, China, etc.. But of course we can also deliver a simple and affordable installation for private individuals.

Next to everything that has to do with image and sound we can also make installations for intrusion detection and camera systems which are mainly wireless solutions. Sabotage free and suitable for monitoring rooms. This system can also be combined with automated notifications delivered straight to your phone with the possibility to add a snapshot of the camera’s image from where it happened and what happened.


Satellite-Extra for the whole new world



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